Monday, October 29, 2007

Please pass me a tissue

Kids observe mom knitting...

6 yr old daughter: What are you making?

Mom: It's a baby blanket for Auntie Jill's baby.

6 yr old daughter: Auntie Jill's?

Mom: Yes. Auntie Jill and Uncle Frank are having a baby in January.

4 yr old son: I'm allergic to babies.

Who's the boss!?

At bedtime:

Daddy: Juliana*, get ready for bed!
6 yr old daughter: You're not the boss of me, mommy is!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Drugs are bad.....

To set the scene...Red Ribbon (drug free, drugs are bad) week at Young School. Mom a little overwhelmed with book fair, volunteering, work, and managing a house while Mark was away on a four day trip. Mom sitting on floor playing with Aaron enjoying a BEER.
Conversation between my boys and me.

Ethan- Mom Beer is a drug you know
Mom- but it is a good Drug
Owen- Don't worry Ethan, Mom will go to therapy once we are all out of the house